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I wrote this for my good friend Nate. He turned it into a song and now he plays it acoustic at his shows. One of my favorites:)
If love were a war, I'd have lost both arms and legs,
And been dishonorably discharged for dancing on powder kegs.
And all these limbs I've left behind
Wouldn't be so hard to find
If it wasn't for the simple fact
it seems I've been born both dumb and blind
But I can still hear you.
And I cna still feel the shivers that go through me
when I smell your perfume
But to tell you just how strong I feel is one thing that I cannot do.
If live were a war and it's safe to say it is.
I'd have upon my dignity to flop around inside showbiz.
And all thse soldiers that I know
will gladly say I told you so.
But they can't hear or speak a word
Cause they've made their mistakes
But I can still hear you.
I can still feel the vibrations that go through when you walk in the room.
but to wrap my arms around you tight,
We'd probably stay up half the night
And I could try with all my might
and still not regain my sight.
I know this next line mught sound trite,
but I could not be close enough to you.

~For Nate
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September 7, 2004
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